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Blue Shield
Corporate Portals; Social & Collaboration


BlueShield requested Kiefer Consulting to create a collaborative space for the acquisition and transitioning of the Care1st team into Blue Shield.  They wanted a shared environment where team members could work together, yet maintain separate and in some cases, private repositories of documents and tasks. In addition, the new SharePoint space needed to match BlueShield's branding requirements and needed to be done quickly (2 days) and efficiently.



A design consideration that was required was to "make it not look like SharePoint". So a custom design to eliminate the SharePoint look and feel was needed while at the same time the SharePoint administrator required limited customization as much as possible to master pages or other Out-of-Box (OOB) SharePoint files.



The result was a custom design, delivered on time and with documentation, that utilized minimal Master Page changes, and is nearly 100% focused around manageable CSS style changes. The solution is fully compatible with all supported browsers, and closely matches the non-SharePoint design it was based on, while keeping all SharePoint functionality.

Team Members:
Matt Greene
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