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Blue Shield of California Nintex Workflows

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Blue Shield
Document & Records Management; Social & Collaboration


With the introduction of the Affordable Care Act, Blue Shield of California was confronted with a change to the industry that would have an exponential impact in not only how they conducted business, but also in the amount of people who could now afford healthcare plans. This influx demanded an adaption of business processes if they were to meet requirements and keep their reputation as a leading healthcare provider for the State.

Blue Shield of California was in need of a solution to:

  • Improve workflow and communication.
  • Help manage information while expecting an increase in enrollment.
  • Need to process information faster and respond quickly
  • Avoid having to on-board seasonal staff to address increase in volume
  • Establish workflows that break down silos and expedite processes



Kiefer Consulting partnered with Blue Shield of California to develop a SharePoint 2010 Intranet solution that provided end-to-end processing and task management at a level never before seen within the product department.

Nintex Workflows was used to build the detailed business processes that connected all of the applications together into a single end-to-end solution. 

With a solution that relied on multiple components, a centralized workflow engine with advanced capabilities would be required to make everything work together. Nintex was a perfect fit.



Turnaround time for creation to distribution of documents to customers went from an average of 30 days down to hours, with this number dropping further every quarter due to workflow enhancements and training improvements of users.


Team Members:
Matt Greene; Nick Powell; Mark Collins
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