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City of Stockton SharePoint Online Migration

City of Stockton
Document & Records Management


The City of Stockton made a decision to move from Novell's GroupWise email and document management system to the Office 365 platform. The Novell solution was outdated and unsupportable. It also contained decades of old documents that were no longer required.


To achieve their end goal, City of Stockton partnered with Kiefer Consulting to work with their departments and divisions to understand what their business requirements were for moving to the new SharePoint document libraries. The result of these detailed requirements gathering sessions was a fit gap assessment provided to guide the City of Stockton's management team through the migration prioritization decision making process. The City of Stockton organization had amassed a sizeable corpus of documents within GroupWise as the system and its content simply grew organically.

For this project, Kiefer Consulting brought expertize and provided the City of Stockton with best practices in project management. Kiefer Consulting also helped with driving the initial internal steering committee meetings, designing, testing, and presenting options for migration. Kiefer architected and built the new SharePoint environment to meet the City's requirements and followed up with delivering extensive training for employees at 100, 200, and 300 knowledge levels.


The result of this project was a user friendly system which streamlined user migration processes to minimize the labor across fourteen departments with the final solution being a driven by a robust Information Architecture to optimize SharePoint's search and managed metadata capabilities toward reducing findability times for documents and other content.

Team Members:
Clayton Leonard; Doug Robbins; Sam Shroff



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