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San Jose Evergreen Community College District Public Facing Website

San Jose Evergreen Community College District
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​"For the project to be on time, on budget and to do EXACTLY what is required is a major accomplishment and a tremendous success."

Mike Russell, CISO, SJECCD


San Jose Evergreen Community College (SJECC) had 4 separate public facing websites that did not use a common theme, brand or technology. SJECC wanted to consolidate the web hosting onto a single server farm and replace multiple hosts. Other challenges included:

  • Applications imprecise or missing
  • Proffered content that was not connected to relative content
  • Inconsistency in site design and presentation that created confusion, frustration and lost effort
  • Workarounds that proved to be errant and inexact


Kiefer provided technical, user experience and business assessment for the four entities that comprise the Community College District. Through a process of iterative review and design stages, Kiefer's proposed template-driven design, shared master pages, theme colors and Cascading Style Sheets were developed to leverage and facilitate learnability, navigation and ease of use.


Kiefer replaced four separate websites with a new design that creates a single branding theme and demonstrates a clear family identity, yet feature individuality. The final designs display flawlessly on mobile devices and provide a mechanism for individual content managers to upload content without relying on webmasters or designers.


Team Members:
Robert Eisenberg; Peter Allen
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