Microsoft Power BI Community Call: Project Tracking with SharePoint, Teams and Power BI

Kiefer Consulting has worked with state and local government to develop and deploy customized project management reporting solutions. These solutions help departments in several key areas:

  • Transparency
  • Improved and standardized project-level reporting
  • The ability to see project related data on a dashboard
  • Document control / Single source of truth
  • Integration of data collection and dashboards into Microsoft Teams

This session will demonstrate how SharePoint OnlineMicrosoft Teams and Power BI can be used in concert to manage projects in the public sector. The solution that Kiefer Consulting will demonstrate is based heavily on the out-of-the-box functionality of Microsoft 365. Our presenters will take both a high-level, non-technical look at the solution and the problems they set out to solve, as well as a more technical dive into how the solution was built and implemented.

Join Brian Wallace, Scott Roberts, and Peter Allen of Kiefer Consulting as they demonstrate a simple but robust solution that helps public-sector organizations leverage the power of Microsoft 365 to improve project and program reporting. This session is ideal for any department that is managing projects.

The 30 minute Teams Live Event will start on October 28th at 10am PT (Noon CT and 1pm ET) via the following link


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